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The essence of Hotchkiss is more than its geographic location—a true community keeping in touch with its heritage while creatively reaching for an even brighter and more diverse future.

Hotchkiss was founded on an ethic of long-term hard work and investment in family and community.  It is easy to find locals with roots four and five generations deep, and the area has always attracted dynamic and creative people, including active retirees.  All are involved and generous with their talents in the civic life of Hotchkiss and the North Fork Valley.

While the Hotchkiss community does not pretend to cater to 24/7 consumer culture, there is a rich diversity of retailers, services, professional practitioners, telecommuting professionals, organic and conventional agriculture (orchards, vineyards, vegetables, livestock, poultry, elk and bison), and creatives (visual artists, musicians, performers, writers and craftspeople).

Hotchkiss is proud of the prevalence of locally owned establishments and many residents feel the “local” aspect of most businesses translates to a stronger sense of community.  We like doing business with our neighbors because we are supporting our community with our dollars.

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